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Monday, November 15, 2010

[Sungkyunkwan Scandal] Fanfiction #6

If you find me mysteriously absent over the next week, don't worry, I'm not dead. (Well, I don't plan on dying, at least... XD) Tofu will actually be on holiday hiatus until the 22 Nov, as she is travelling to the wops-wops of the country with her bestie for a whole week of sunshine, wine-tasting and... er... no internet access. XD

However, Lady Krb should still be around to continue posting up her fabulous works, and pen and paper will not be far from this Tofu. =P Hopefully I'll come back bringing goodies.

Until then---

So I was reading up on Korean history yesterday, and I came to a section in the book on uinyeo, which is really fascinating stuff. Uinyeo (medicine women) were female doctors during the Joseon period. They were the natural solution to the social taboos of women being treated by male physicians, but despite the crucial role they played in society, being women, they never gained the same social status as their male counterparts and were regarded as little better than gisaeng.
Anyway, this new bit of historical trivia suddenly inspired a new [10 Moments] story, so we’re taking a slight detour from what’s on the menu and jumping to #5, before returning back to #3 and #4. This little ditty is a divergent-timeline piece – a ‘what if Jae Shin had medical help that night before the Dae Sae Rae?’. It’s low on romance, but it’s heavy on the sarcasm, so hope you enjoy!
#5 in the [10 Moments] series:
Ten different scenarios, ten different women --- ten different ways for Jae Shin to love again. Told in ten self-standing short stories.
Title: The Healing Touch
General (Divergent timeline)
Jae Shin, OFC (Original Female Character)
Her voice is deadpan. “You’re bleeding all over the floor.”


Also: Part Two of Lady Krb's Yong Ha+Min Jin Trilogy is out!

Title: Surprises All Around
General, Humor
Gu Yong Ha, the servants
Summary: Life is always MORE interesting with surprises, as Yong Ha is about to affirm.

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